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Communication and Language

Children learn -
    - to enjoy listening to and using spoken and written language
    - to explore and experiment with sounds, words and texts
    - to listen and respond to stories, songs, music, rhymes and poems
    - to make up their own stories, songs, music, rhymes and poems
    - to use language to imagine and re-create roles and experiences
    - to use talk to organise, sequence and clarify their thinking, ideas, feelings and events
    - to sustain attentive listening and respond to what they have heard by relevant comments, questions or actions
    - to interact with others, nogotiate plans and activities and take turns in conversation
    - to extend their vocabulary and explore the meaning and sound of new words
    - to retell narratives in the correct sequence, using the language patterns of stories
    - to speak clearly and audibly and with confidence and control, and show awareness of the listener, such as using greetings and 'please' and 'thank you'