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Week commencing 1st July - 12th July 2019

During our toddler room story times this week we will be;

- Exploring a treasure basket filled with winter related items for the children to try on.

- Encouraging the children to play alongside their friends, with our 'Weather Matching Game'

- Talking about our own experiences at the seaside, the children will be making sandcastles outside.

- We will be supporting the children in creating rain shakers to take home.

- Playing with the large parachute and balls outside.  


Toddler Room Creative Activities - paper plates with yellow paints/materials, gluing and sticking with cotton wool, welly printing outside, exploring paints within a tuff spot and gluing and sticking with seeds. 


Baby Room - Within the babies treasure baskets we will be providing them with; big and small rain makers, different materials, a basket of brushes, wooden items and the massage set. On the table top, staff will be supporting the babies in playing with pop up toys, wooden bricks, shakers, sensory bottles and sensory mats.