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A Special Visit From The Dentist

What An Exciting Day!

We have had a special visit from the Dentist.


To support our topic, Freddie Visits The Dentist, we arranged for a local Dental Surgery to come and visit our Nursery School!

They  came along to talk to our children about how to look after their teeth!

It took place Wednesday 19th June for the morning session.

During our story times the Dentist spoke about why and how to look after our teeth. 

They brought lots of exciting things for us to look at and play with!

Look at our photos to see what we have been getting up to!

Picture 1 Looking at Dirty Teeth!
Picture 2 Brushing
Picture 3 Cleaning
Picture 4 Joining In
Picture 5 Good Job!
Picture 6 Listening Well
Picture 7 Good Sitting
Picture 8 Sorting Foods
Picture 9 Good and Bad
Picture 10 Healthy and Unhealthy foods
Picture 11 Which foods do you like?
Picture 12 Practising
Picture 13 Exploring
Picture 14 Group Discussion
Picture 15 Showing interest
Picture 16 Open wide!
Picture 17 Counting teeth
Picture 18 Bite
Picture 19 Brush
Picture 20 Good hygiene
Picture 21 Keeping healthy
Picture 22 Where are your gums?
Picture 23 This is the way we brush our teeth...
Picture 24 Good job!