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Celebrating Father's Day

Celebrating Father's Day

Sunday 16th June 2019


The children have enjoyed making special gifts to take home for their daddies and other people who are special to them.

To say thank you for all of their support and all the nice things our grown ups do for us.

They have enjoyed creating their very own hand print trees, which we turned into a special card and making them a special treat.

The children loved creating chocolate corn flake cakes!

It was lots of fun exploring the different textures of the chocolate as it changed from solid to liquid!


Here are a few photos of what some of the children got up to!




The children were able to talk about who is special to them and described some of the things that they enjoy to do with their families and special grown ups.


"I love my Daddy."                                              "I love my Grandad"                                              "I love my Mummy"


"I like it when we go to the park."


"I like it when we play games."


                "I love my Daddy when we play football."                                                     "I love my Daddy when we have cuddles."


"I like it when we get to go to the shops."



It is important for children to have a sense of belonging, talk to them about who they live with, who they belong to?

We are a family at Pinxton Nursery School.