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Week commencing 3rd June - 14th June 2019

Toddler Room 

During our story times this week, we will be

- Exploring emotion stones and emotion cards

- Building houses using the duplo bricks

- Exploring treasure baskets

- Watering the trees and plants within the garden

- Drawing our family members

Our focus song this week is 'Twinkle, Twinkle Chocolate Bar'


Toddler room creative activities; love heart printing, ball rolling, painting faces, hand printing to music and exploring shaving foam with food colouring to make marks and patterns. 


Within the baby room we will be providing lots of activities within the sandpit this week they will be exploring; buckets and spades, waterwheels with scoops, balls with drainpipes, stacking cups with spades and exploring the cars to create different tracks. Outside, we will have the see-saws, soft play equipment and rocket cars for them to explore. 




Look at all the fun things we have been busy doing...

The toddlers have enjoyed getting very messy, whilst exploring the shaving foam, food colouring and lollypop sticks. The children were able to mix the colours into the foam using the sticks. They used their hands to feel the texture. One child said 'So soft' and another child said 'Fluffy' to describe the foam. Rachel encouraged the children to make lots of marks and patterns.

At our mark making table outside, the children have been using bingo dobbers to create spots. They recoginsed colours really well, we enjoyed singing 'The Rainbow Song' during our talk about colours.

The children have loved exploring our cleaning equipment within the role play area. They have all been so helpful and enjoyed tidying up the toys.

Some of the toddlers have been practicing their climbing skills on the A-frame with Sally. Thursday 6th June 2019