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Feelings and Emotions

Week commencing 29th July - 9th August 2019 - Feeling and Emotions


Baby Room Focus Books - Baby noises, Happy baby, Baby says, Be gentle, Baby goes

At creative time the babies will have opportunities to make movements which leaves marks. They will be; vegetable printing, creating hand and foot prints, full body painting, creating coloured glue pictures and welly printing.

 Investigation time will be allowing the babies to feel a range of textures to support their sensory development through play; rice with tubes, cereals with scoops, sets of teeth with toothbrushes, feeling coloured cornflour and water with tea bags. 

Treasure baskets this week will include; wooden items, shiny items, massage set, treasure bag and materials. 


Toddler Room Focus Books - I very really miss you, Mr. Happy's Smiley Day, How do you feel?, Everybody feels happy, It's not fair. 

The toddler room role play area will be turned into a hospital. We will be working with the children to discuss their feelings and talk about why we might feel happy or sad.  In our role play area we will be encouraging the children to be kind and care for their friends, along with supporting their imagination through play. We will be using our emotion stones for the children to identify different feelings. 


Our Over 3's have had a busy morning decorating biscuits! They look so yummy. Wednesday 7th August 2019

We have enjoyed decorating biscuits. We talked about how it would be a nice idea to share these biscuits with people who are special to them. Wednesday 31st July 2019

Focus books