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Health and Self-Care

Look at the exciting things we have been getting up to during our topic 'Health and Self-Care'

The children took part in a 'Hand Washing' activity during story time. We read the book 'Wash, Wash, Wash' We talked about the importance of hand washing. The children were all able to take home a certificate for doing so well. Monday 20th May 2019

The toddlers and babies have all been choosing which coloured toothbrush they would like to take home.

The children have been painting with toothbrushes at creative time. Here are some pictures of our activity. Thursday 23rd May 2019


Amy W has been very busy wrapping these toothbrushes, for each baby and toddler to take one home. We will be talking about the importance of teeth brushing during this focus. We have lots of colours for the children to choose from. We will update you with photos of the children choosing their toothbrush very soon!

Our role play area within the toddler room we be transformed into a bedroom. We will be talking to the children about night time routines and asking them all about what they do before bedtime. In our role play area we will have babies, a cot, toys, books and baby equipment, for the children to use their imagination alongside their friends. Our investigation/playdough area will include activities such as; toothbrushes with flour and mark making tools, scented playdough with sensory stones and jelly with magnetic letters hidden within. 

In the baby room, the babies will be exploring a range of small world models. The activities will include; farm with animals, rockets with people and the fairground with cars. The babies will have lots of small motor and sensory toys to explore alongside members of staff. On the carpet we will be providing; sensory bottles and balls, wooden circles with sensory blocks, and golden pebbles with assorted materials.