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Easter activities to try at home


Due to nursery being closed for the time being, we have put together some fun activities for your children to explore to celebrate 'Easter' At nursery we love to celebrate Easter and always explore activities for the children to get creative, hopefully you will be able to try some of these activities at home. 

If you are unable to print them off, please contact nursery and we will print them off for you and send them through the post. 

Thank you for your continued support. 

Katy - Childcare Manager

Can the children decorate and colour their own Easter eggs? Encourage them to talk about different patterns and colours.
Let's try making our own Easter cards. Can the children make marks and talk about people who they would like to give their cards to?
Baking time - Why not try and make some Easter nest cakes?
Singing time - Here are the words for 'Hot Cross Buns' can you children remember the words to this song?
Let's make some masks - Encourage the children to use their imagination with the masks.