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June 2019

Building And Creating 

Using Natural And Found Objects



This month the children have been working really hard, planning and creating Bug Hotels.

They were able to search around our forest environment, looking for and finding objects to use.

We talked about the health and safety of using heavy and large materials.

We talked about the different bugs we see and what things they might like to live in.

The children worked really hard together, sharing , taking turns , listening and responding to each others ideas.

Advantages Of Bug Hotels:

1-Supplements the increasing loss of natural habitats. Bugs and creatures also need homes!

2-Encourages certain insects to help control pests/unwanted bugs.

3-Offers a great opportunity for educating children about how ecosystems work.

4-Develops children's abilities to show care and consideration to living things.

5- Allows children to talk about some of the things that they have seen and observed.



Working Together To Get The Job Done:


What We Hope To Find In Our Bug Hotel...

We each drew a picture on our chalk board about

who we would like to see come and visit our

Bug Hotel.

Can you guess any of our chosen bugs and creatures?

Who would you like to see in our Bug Hotel?