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May 2019

Bird Feeders


How To Make At Home:

You Will Need: a bowl, spoon, lard, bird seed, an orange,knife, string

1. Cut a large orange into half.

2. Scoop out the fruit.

(This is a good time to taste fruits, talk about how they taste, discuss what they look like, talk about seeds and pips)

3. The orange skin is now ready for turning into a bird feeder!

4. In a bowl melt the lard.

5. Add bird seed mixture into the lard and mix together until sticks together.

6. Scoop the sticky mixture into the orange, patting down firmly.

7. Using the end of a spoon (or knife) create a small hole and thread through the string.

8. Allow time for the bird feeder to set in a cool place.

9. Choose a place in your garden high enough for the birds to reach. Hang the feeder.

10. Spot the birds coming and tasting your feeder!