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Mental Health Week 2021

Children's Mental Health Week 2021 - Express Yourself! 


It is so important that children and young people are encouraged to find new ways to look after their mental health and wellbeing. What does 'Express Yourself' mean?

Expressing yourself is about finding creative ways to share feelings, thoughts or ideas. This may be through painting, dancing or maybe just talking with someone close to you. We support and encourage children within nursery to share their thoughts and feelings. 


Ideas to promote positive mental health for children

- Take part in relaxation exercise and begin to practice how to calm your body.

- Express yourself through drawing, writing or creating a collage.

- Watch a favourite movie or look at a book.

- Explore the outdoors and get fresh air.

- Being physically active can be a great way to release our stored up energy. 


Within nursery this week we are going to talk about things which make the children happy within nursery and at home. We will be talking about our feelings during story time activities. We will share some pictures with you at the end of the week, make sure you come back to see what we have been up to.