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Movements and Exercise

Week commencing - 15th July - 26th July 2019

This week we are focusing on the topic 'Exercise and Movements' We will be holding our very own mini sports day throughout the week to allow all children to get involved and have fun! We will have an obstacle course set up within the nursery garden for the children to take turns. 


Toddler Room Creative Activities - Making footprints, making medals, ball rolling, painting with sponges and bubble wrap pictures. 

We will be encouraging the children to be interested in the effects of making movements which leaves marks. 


Our role play area will be turned into a 'Smoothie Shop' for the children to explore fresh fruit and vegetables alongside their friends. We will be providing the children with aprons, till, clipboards with paper, cups and straws.

Please come and have a look back here at our photos throughout the week. 


Baby Room Creative Activities - Free painting, sponge painting, foot printing, printing with Duplo bricks and making collage pictures using a range of materials.


The baby room staff will be providing the babies with 'First word' baskets throughout the week; farm animals, wild animals, everyday items and vehicles. 

Look at the exciting things we have been getting up to...

Throughout this topic, we will be holding mini sports day sessions within our nursery garden. The children will be encouraged to use a range of equipment during these sessions. We will be; dancing to music, hopping, balancing, running, jogging, jumping, kicking/catching footballs and completing our obstacle course. Please check back to see our pictures.

At our nature learning land, the children made yummy lemonade in the sunshine. The children were able to squeeze the lemons and we talked about the how the lemons smelt and the texture of them. The children took turns in adding the sugar and water to the lemon juice. Monday 15th July 2019

We have been focusing on movements. Our creative activity was creating footprints to music outside in our nursery garden. The children were able to jump and run during this activity. Monday 15th July 2019

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