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Nature Learning September-October 2019

The toddlers have enjoyed making natural crowns using a range of leaves, grass and natural materials up at nature land. Sarah and Grace encouraged the children to search for insects and bugs within the pond. They loved eating their snack outside in the fresh air. Tuesday 22nd October 2019

The toddlers have been busy making birds feeders up at nature land. They have been splashing in the very muddy puddles. The children collected conkers up on our special land, they then made necklaces using string and the conkers. The children enjoyed wearing these and showing their friends back at nursery. Tuesday 15th October 2019

The children have been making natural paintbrushes using sticks, leaves and flowers up at nature land. They enjoyed paddling in the water and rolling the tubes and tyres. The children are excited to take their new paintbrushes home. Tuesday 8th October 2019

The Friday group of children have been making the most out of the muddy puddles. They added food colouring and bubbles to the puddles this morning. They enjoyed collecting apples and taking turns at looking at the wiggly worm they spotted. Friday 4th October 2019

The rain didn't stop our Tuesday group exploring the Nature Land. They enjoyed splashing in the muddy puddles today. Tuesday 1st October 2019

Baby Room - Monday 30th September 2019

Our new Friday Group of children went to explore our nature land. They enjoyed getting all dressed ready to go and explore. They had lots of fun on the tyre swing! We had lots of fun playing hide and seek as well. The children are excited for next week! Friday 27th September 2019

The babies have been up to visit our nature land, the staff and babies were very excited to get back exploring the nature. The babies explored the enviroment and had lots of fun. The baby room will be visiting every Monday during this term. Monday 23rd October 2019