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Week Commencing - 14th October 2019 - 25th October 2019

Our focus topic in the toddler room is 'Numbers'

Our focus topic within the toddler room is 'Colours/Numbers'


We will be singing our focus song '1,2, buckle my shoe' Our focus area of learning is 'Expressive Arts and Design' 


Toddler Room - We will be working on numbers within all our areas within the indoor and outdoor environment. At creative time, the toddlers will be encouraged to paint 'Ladybirds' enabling them to count the spots they create. They will be ball rolling and printing with numbers throughout the week. Our role play area will be turned into a shop, the children will be able to explore a range of fresh fruit and vegetables. During our investigation activity, the children will be able to explore porridge oats with bears, Weetabix with farm and animals, also dinosaur bones and fossils with compost. 


Baby Room - The babies will be exploring jelly with silver numbers, sand with yellow utensils, water with ducks, natural items with soil and rice crispies with coco pops. During creative time, they will be supported in creating sunshine pictures on paper plates, blue material sticky pictures and printing with insects. Our treasure baskets will include items relating to a colour each day; yellow, red, blue, green, black/white items.   

We have enjoyed reading our book 'owl babies' we talked all about owls in our story time groups. The children did fantastic counting from 1 to 3. Later in the day, we had a beautiful owl come to visit us at nursery. All the children said a big hello to 'Echo' the owl! Thursday 17th October 2019

Here are some of the things we've been getting up to...

We have been making ladybird pictures using red paper and black paint. The children used paintbrushes to create their spots. We did good counting throughout this activity! Monday 14th October 2019