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Our Nursery Elf

Our nursery elf has came to visit us in the under 3's. Our elf has been getting very busy and causing lots of trouble within the toddler room. Let's see what the elf has been getting up to...

Day 1 - The elf has been climbing our nursery tree in the cosy room. He has been moving and collecting all of our baubles from the tree.

Day 2 - We came into nursery this morning and the elf has caused lots of mess in the cosy room. He got all the toilet roll wrapped around our Christmas tree and toys.

Day 3 - Our elf has set up a zip line and has been swinging from our Christmas tree!

Day 4 - Our elf has enjoyed having a relaxing bath. He has been busy playing with the ducks.

Day 5 - I think our elf got a little hungry during the night. He stared eating all the cornflakes!

Day 6 - Our elf and Belle have been exploring our hot air balloon. I think Belle has pushed our nursery elf.

Day 7 - Whoops!! Our elf has been raiding our baking store. He's emptied the flour and has made snow angels.

Day 8 - Our nursery elf has been snuggling up in our beds. He even took a dummy and our teddy bear to bed as well!

Day 9 - The elf has been drawing funny faces on the eggs today! We caught him with the felt tip pen this morning.

Day 10 - The nursery elf has enjoyed riding the dinosaurs this morning.

Day 11 - Our nursery elf has eaten all the chocolates over the weekend!

Our nursery elf has been swinging from our baubles.

Our hungry elf has only gone and eaten all of our biscuits! Oh dear

Our elf has only gone and drawn on the banana. He’s a very cheeky little elf!