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September 2019

Creating Natural Homes


The children had a fantastic time exploring owls and other animals during the topic of 'Owl Babies'.


They looked closely at how they live and where they like to live.


The children recognised that the owls are not like us and they do not live in homes like ours!


They had a brilliant time making real nests for the owls and birds and enjoyed searching for their own natural resources to use.


To Create Your Own Nests/Homes at Home Outdoors You Will Need:

* An outdoor space

*Visual ways to explore - Looking for places to build your nest

*Natural Materials - Children love to collect and search for objects

*Allow your child to use their imaginations.


Questions to think about?

*How big or small will it be?

*Who / What may live in it?

*How will they keep warm?

*What will happen if it rains?