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Week commencing 11th November - 22nd November 2019

Our focus topic is 'Sounds'

Our focus song will be 'I am the music man'


Baby Room focus books are; Toot Toot!, Make a noise, Animal rhymes, Find the duck and The blue train.

The baby room investigation activities will allow the babies to create a range of sounds, whilst exploring a range of materials; rice and tubes, flour with utensils, rice crispies with bowls, Weetabix with cars and tin foil with shaving foam.

At creative time the babies will be able to get creative with painting to music, gluing and sticking with rice, duplo printing, star printing on foil and body painting to music. 


Toddler room focus books and activities

Noisy Noisy Woof - Exploring the animals puppets, encouraging the children to create sounds and sing a range of animal related songs.

Dear Zoo - Sorting and counting super duper animals, allowing us to talk about sounds, colours and numbers.

The Nursery Noisy Collection - Exploring the nursery garden and encouraging the children to listen to different sounds. We will be able to splash in muddy puddles whilst wearing our all in one suits and wellingtons. 

Noisy Tractor - Exploring the farm, animals, hay, wooden blocks and tractors. Encouraging the children to use their imagination and share with their friends. 

Silly Sounds - Exploring the musical instruments, encouraging the children to choose their favourite songs to sing.