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Summer Holiday Fun 2019

Summer Holiday Fun!

We have been joined by some of the over 3's children during the summer holidays. They love playing with the toddlers and the babies and they all do a fantastic job of taking good care of them. We are going to have lots of fun and have lots of exciting activities planned for all the children. We will be updating photos weekly of what the children have been up to. Please take a look at our photos below, we hope you enjoy them.

Thank you! 

Week four - 12th August - 16th August 2019 - The children have been fantastic this week, we have been focusing on our topic 'Holidays' we have explored our beach role play area. The children have loved dressing up and pretending to go on their holidays. We have been painting with shells and making sand pictures this week. We have explored jelly in the tuff spot and ice pops in our water tray. We have had a lovely week! 

Week three - 5th August 2019 - 9th August 2019 - This week we have been very busy talking about our feelings in our story time group and discussing things which makes us happy and sad. We have had lots of fun exploring the garden. We got very messy within our mud kitchen, mixing compost and water together. We created lots of glittery glue pictures which we made outside. The over 3's helped bake banana loaf which looked fantastic. 

Week two - 29th July - 2nd August 2019 - This week the children have loved exploring our fantastic new mud kitchen, which was kindly donated to us. We have been busy making lots of mud pies with our friends. The children enjoyed decorating biscuits during story times. We have been baking cookies to enjoy at nursery, the Over 3's did a great job at measuring the ingredients out correctly. The children loved making footprints this week during creative time.  

Week One - 22nd July 2019 - 26th July 2019. We have had a lovely first week having lots of fun in the sunshine. The children have been wonderful and took part in lots of messy activities. They Over 3's enjoyed baking cakes this week for our tea time pudding. The children enjoyed making medals this week, linking in with our 'Sports Day' planning. In our investigation area; the children enjoyed scooping and mixing jelly with the bowls and spoons.