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Tradional Stories

Monday 17th June - Friday 28th June 2019


This week at story time in the toddler room we will be reading a range of traditional story books. We are excited to share these books with all of the toddlers within nursery. Our focus books this week are; Little Red Riding Hood, The enormous turnip, Cinderella, Goldilocks and the three bears and The three little pigs.

Our story time activities this week are;

- Exploring playdough with little red riding hood mats.

- Investigating straw, sticks and wooden bricks within the tuff spot with a basket of pigs.

- Talking about Goldilocks and the bears feelings. 

- Cutting and exploring turnips.

- Holding a royal ball just like the one Cinderella went to. 

Toddler Room Creative Activities - Creating a red coloured collage with materials, printing with numbers 1 to 3, painting Goldilocks using paints, creating glue pictures with coloured glitter and balloon painting with the nursery garden. 

Baby time stories will include; chicken Licken, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, The Three Little Pigs, round and round the garden and this rabbit, that rabbit.


The babies will be exploring building construction to encourage them to pass toys from one hand to the other. They will be provided with soft building blocks, magnetic construction and Disney blocks. At creative time the babies will have the opportunity to make marks; printing with carrots, natural sticking, painting with Duplo blocks and various tools with coloured paints.  

Our focus story today was 'The Three Little Pigs' All the children joined in really well with this story. They were able to remember parts of the story and joined in with familiar phrases from within the book. The children were all excited to tell the person who collected them from nursery on this day all about all book. We used animal puppets and laminated pig cards as props to support our story.

Our activity afterwards... We used straw, sticks and foam bricks to make houses for the little pigs. The children worked together throughout this activity. We spoke about the houses we live in. All the children enjoyed talking about the big bad wolf. 

Katy - Childcare Manager. 

We enjoyed dancing to music and creating footprints outside in the lovely sunshine. All the children had such a fun time and got very messy. We made lots of lovely pictures and had fun dancing to some of our favourite songs, including baby shark. 

Story time - We looked at the book 'Little Red Riding Hood' The children did good listening and joined in with familiar phrases from the book. Afterwards, the children explored red playdough with mats and tools. They worked hard to pretend to make cakes from Grandma, just like in the book. Monday 17th June 2019.

This week we have been super busy at our 'nature land' the children have been exploring the mud kitchen area and we collect sticks to measure in the water how big they were. For more pictures please visit our 'nature learning' page on the CIC page. Thank you!