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World Mental Health Day

10th October 2020

World Mental Health Day!


Mental Health can affect anyone of any age, any day, anywhere and any time.

That is why we, at Pinxton Nursery School prioritise the well being of all children , staff and families.

We encourage each other to support and care for each other. 

And with how the events of this year has so far unfolded... now more than ever is our time to step up and show how important it is to prioritise mental health and well being.


Our children have been thinking about how they are feeling and what kind of things may make us feel happy, sad or even scared.

It fits in perfectly with our current topic 'WHAT I LIKE' as the children have spoken about their own likes and dislikes, feelings and emotions.

We have spoken about how our own actions can have consequences on others as well as how our own actions can support and help others.

We all understand the importance of having a friend, and what it is to be a good friend. 

Our staff build solid and healthy relationships with each individual in our setting which reflects on the children's own abilities to build relationships and friendship groups.

We have also been looking closely at what makes us special and individual from anyone else and talking about how All Lives Matter.


Here are a few examples of what we have been getting up to...

Group Time Discussions...

I Am Me - Looking In The Mirror

We have been looking closely at ourselves. Thinking about what makes us unique from anyone else.

Describing what we can see in the mirror, such as eye colour, hair colour and skin colour.

Similarities Game

We looked at lots of different cards that had a variety of characteristics on.

We thought about about who we know who is like each card.

It was lots of fun!

Drawing Our Friends

We enjoyed thinking about who our friends are and drawing pictures of them on heart shaped paper.

Sharing Our Love

We shared our hearts with our friends to show how we care.

Reading stories and making heart shapes.