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Baking Sessions - Toddler Room

Within the toddler room, we love to bake! The children engage well in our exciting baking sessions and enjoy sharing these experiences with their friends at nursery.


Benefits of baking with children - 

  1. Increases Language Development From reading instructions to following directions, baking gives them greater language skills.
  2. Enhances Fine Motor Skills: Mixing, rolling dough, cutting biscuits and flipping pancakes. All are perfect activities to develop their fine motor skills needed for writing and colouring.
  3. Increases Maths Ability: Learning about measurements! 
  4. Improves Reading Skills: From reading the numbers to following the directions, baking is perfect for any age!
  5. Introduces Kids to Scientific Concepts: What happens when certain ingredients are mixed together? What happens if something is incorrect? Baking is always a fun science experiment!
  6. Increases Focus and Attention: The children learn that if they want to eat the cake or biscuit at the end, then they need to pay attention to the directions!
  7. Teaches Life Skills: Safety, learning how to use kitchen utensils and learning to bake food. Baking really helps them as they grow to be more independent.
  8. Promotes Healthy Eating: It encourages children to think about what goes into the foods they eat and how to create some healthier versions.
  9. Boosts Self-Confidence: From creating a delicious cake to baking by themselves, baking helps boost their self-confidence and self-esteem.
  10. Encourages Family Bonding: No matter what your ability is, baking is a great activity to create some happy family memories.

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