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We have chosen to use the Letterland program in order to develop our children's letter recognition. We also use a wide variety of activities to develop our children's listening skills and early phonics skills such as rhyme and alliteration. 



Thursday is our Letterland day where we specifically teach a sound linked to our focus book. Other early phonics skills are around in the nursery environment continuous provision and enhancements. We have a daily story session and singing session. 



Our children recognise some letter sounds when they leave the nursery, and also can say which letter sound their own name begins with, and also their friend's names. They are good listeners, and enjoy singing Nursery rhymes. 


Here's what our children have to say: 


"I like looking for the letters in my name."


"I like it because I love to sing it."


"My name is Red Robot."


"I like Annie Apple because it's like my name."


Within Nursery we use the Letterland phonics as a basis for our learning. Each letter of the alphabet is given a character to help children identify it. We have one focus sound each fortnight, and these are shared on our home activities sheets. More information about Letterland can be found on, and products are also available on


Letters and Sounds

We also follow Phase 1 of the Letters and Sounds document, which focuses on listening skills and phonological awareness. These are the first skills that your child will require, in order to begin to read and write, as they allow them to tune into different sounds. The Letters and Sounds Document can be found here

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