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Our Nursery Day

Our Nursery Sessions

Jayne will meet your child at the door and bring them into the Nursery. Your child will find their name card and post it in the box and can then choose an activity.


Within the nursery, we have toys and resources available all the time as part of our continuous provision, and staff plan enhancements to these activities to support the children’s learning and to follow their interests. Activities are planned for both inside and outside. Some of the areas inside the nursery are:

  • Role play area
  • Small world area
  • Construction area
  • Reading area
  • Creative area
  • Writing area
  • Maths area
  • Computer/ IWB
  • Playdough table

And in the garden we have:

  • Climbing area
  • Bike area
  • Ball area
  • Chickens to observe and look after
  • Large construction
  • Mud kitchen


At 9.15/1.15 we do our Dough Disco. This is a fine motor activity which aims to strengthen the children's muscles and fine motor control to prepare them for writing. We use play dough and do lots of different moves to music. More information on Dough Disco can be found here.


We then open the door to the garden and the children are able to choose whether they wish to learn inside or outside. Staff are working with the children both inside and outside to further the learning and model language through play.


During the session, the children will take part in a story time activity. We read a story (linked to our focus), complete an activity and then sing our focus song. Each day we have a different focus for our activities, and we look at Literacy, Maths, PSED, Phonics and Tales Toolkit over the week. We may also do ‘special’ activities in our story time sessions depending on the time of the year. 


Children are also able to access their snack during free flow. They find their name card and post it in the box. Tree then offers them a choice of drink and snack. If any child has not been for their snack independently staff will find them to have their snack. 


At 11 we do our squiggle time. This is another activity aimed at improving fine motor skills and also gross motor skills. We follow a set pattern of shapes which link to forming letters, beginning with our flappers and music, before moving to tables with crayons and paper. More information on Squiggle Time can be found here.


At the end of the session, the children take part in singing time with an adult. We sing a variety of songs on different days. The children get a chance to choose their favourite songs and also to learn new ones. Some of our favourite songs can be found on our website if you would like to sing them at home.


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