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Transition to School and Applying for a School Place

Applying for a school place:


This year infant school admissions open at 9am on the 7th November and will remain open until 15th January 2024. 

School places should be received on 16th April 2024. 



Information can be found here: 




Information can be found here: 

Transition into Reception

Children start school in the September of the school year in which they will be 5. We want to make sure that our children are ready for their next stage in learning, so we work closely with the local schools in ensuring that they have the best transition to Reception as possible. Children in nursery mainly transfer to one of the Pinxton Village Acadamies - John King Infant Academy or Longwood Infant Academy. Nursery works together with both schools, with the reception staff visiting Nursery and teaching the children songs that they will sing at school. 

Here are some links to the websites of our local feeder schools if you would like to take a look:

Derbyshire County Council – School Readiness

Derbyshire county council have also produced a document highlighting the 10 keys for unlocking school readiness if your child is developing typically for their age. 


Here are the 10 keys for unlocking school readiness :


  1. I can settle happily without my parent/carer
  2. I can tell friends and grown-ups what I need
  3. I can take turns and share when I am playing
  4. I can go to the toilet on my own and wash my hands
  5. I can put on my own coat and shoes and feed myself
  6. I can tell a grown up if I am happy, sad or cross
  7. I know that what I do and say can make others happy or unhappy
  8. I am curious and want to learn and play
  9. I can stop what I am doing, listen and follow simple instructions
  10. I enjoy sharing books with grown ups


The Early Years team at Derbyshire County Council have produced leaflets that will help you to support your child further with various issues around getting ready for school.

Click on each topic for the link to the leaflet. 

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