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Toilet Training

Toilet training – being ready for Nursery  - hints and tips

Toilet training is one of those major topics that can make parents feel very anxious. It is not surprising that many parents seek the advice, support and reassurance of their child's nursery about this issue which is normally any time between the ages of 18 months and three years, depending on a child's physical and psychological development. 

Look out for these signs:

·         Is your child's nappy dry after a nap?

·         Does your child tell you when they are dirty?

·         Does your child try to pull off their nappy?

·         Is your child interested in sitting on a potty or toilet?


Also research has shown that another sign is if your child is able to go upstairs using alternate feet rather than putting two feet on each stair. In France, this is used as sign that a child has sufficient physical control, and it may explain why early walkers are often earlier to be potty trained.


At Pinxton Nursery School we will work with you and your child to support you with toilet training. We have a range of books to support toileting which explains using the toilet in simple ways for your child. Please ask if you would like any more support. 


Great training tips on the following from baby centre online – before you start, the power of pants, no more nappies, minimise mess and stress, sitting solution, put your child in charge, toys and treats, make it fun, musical motivation


Great advice from the NCT particularly on specific tips for girls and boys separately!


Advice from the NHS on potty training with a great film about when is your child ready to go to the toilet.

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