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This Terms Teaching & Learning - Maintained Nursery

Our Focus Stories:

At the beginning of each term, our staff work together to plan exciting activities for the children. 

They choose from a wide range of story books which they use for focusing on certain topics through out the year.

These books are then planned for by each member of staff to cover all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Topics and Focus Stories change every two weeks. We focus on a song/rhyme to go with each story and we concentrate on a letter sound which is also relevant for that chosen topic.


Parents will be given a newsletter every two weeks in Nursery about the chosen topic. These can be found here. This will include supporting parents at home, words to the songs and relevant information which relates to the chosen sound and book. Our children with a yellow or blue name card shall also receive further home activities to carry out based on what we have been learning about at Nursery. 

This Term's Teaching and Learning