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Our Curriculum

At Pinxton Nursery School we are committed to high quality Early Years provision from birth to 5 years old. Our long-term goal is for our children to become life-long learners who lead happy and purposeful lives.


Our curriculum is focussed on children achieving these goals by becoming effective communicators, having creative minds, being respectful of others and having good emotional well-being. We intend to provide a curriculum that develops all of these attributes and allows our children to succeed. 


Our curriculum is delivered through the experiences provided; the resources and interactions with adults that are built into play, and by the ‘direct teaching’, which takes place daily in the children’s story time sessions.


At Pinxton Nursery School our provision reflects these aims. Every one of our children learns through fun and exciting play that is planned and structured to meet their individual needs, alongside our continuous provision. We provide rich and meaningful experiences for all children.


Alongside our continuous provision, we provide enhancements, which are tailored to meet the children’s needs and interests. We believe that this enrichment develops a child’s ability to explore and investigate further on a daily basis, using what they already know to develop new skills. The children are encouraged to take their learning in their own way, guided with the enhanced provision and supported by the continuous provision. Our skilled and supportive staff play alongside children in provision to develop the children’s language skills, and to take the learning forward at each individual’s level.


At Pinxton Nursery School, we also recognise the importance of outdoor learning. In the CIC Nursery, the children spend lots of time in their outdoor environment, and when moving up to the Maintained Nursery this develops into free-flow, where children can choose which parts of the session they spend inside or outside. We are dedicated to ensuring that all the children develop and understanding of the world that we live in, and show care and concern for living things and the environment.


We also have a fantastic Outdoor Learning Environment behind the nursery where we do our Forest Schools Sessions. All children get an opportunity to visit Forest Schools over their time at nursery.

Curriculum Focuses over the Academic Year


Throughout the year we have a key focus on Communication and Language and Personal, Social and Emotional Development. This underpins our whole school ethos. We also have a weekly focus on Literacy and Mathematics during our focused teaching sessions. Other focused teaching sessions vary based on the term, but each term has a different focus:



Curriculum Focus

Autumn Term

Expressive Arts and Design

  • During this term, we have a big focus on different creative activities and techniques during our focused teaching sessions.
  • Some of the activities we enjoy are different collage, paint or craft activities, such as using finger paints to create poppies, or using paintbrushes to flick paint to create fireworks.
  • We also talk about the different festivals that happen during this term including Halloween, Bonfire Night, Diwali, Remembrance Day and Christmas

Spring Term

Understanding the World

  • During this term, we have a big focus on the world around us and using technology in our focussed teaching sessions.
  • We share lots of different ICT resources such as bee-bots, torches and remote control toys. We also investigate the world around us, investigating our nursery garden and comparing it with other places around the world.
  • We also talk about Chinese New Year, Pancake Day and Easter.

Summer Term

Physical Development

  • During this term, we focus on our physical skills, both indoors and outdoors.
  • We enjoy different sports activities and make the most of the (usually better) weather this term. We also think carefully about how we can keep ourselves happy and healthy, talking about  healthy eating and hygiene.
  • We also talk about summer holidays, transition to school for our leavers and enjoy visits from some of the teachers at our local infant schools.



More detailed information about our current terms focus can be found here

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