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Examples Of Outdoor Learning Opportunities

Children love exploring dens and small places. 

These are brilliant areas for children to develop social skills, Communication Skills and Finding Out About the World.
They will, play with what they know and being willing to have a go.

Imaginative play is key to children’s development, enabling them to develop an understanding of the world around them. Children are able to build scenarios and stories around their dens, creating characters and using resources to support their play. 

This provides stimulating resources which are accessible through out the day and are open-ended so they can be
used, moved and combined in a variety of ways.

It is full of mark making tools such as pencils and pens, brushes, sticks and chalks. Children are encouraged to make their own choices when choosing from our Literacy Shed.

They have opportunity to mark make on a variety of materials such as paper, note pads, wipe/chalk boards, laminated paint boards, floors and other giant writing boards around the garden.
For each of our focus topics we make sure our resources are relevant to the children’s interests. For example changing writing frames and creating scavenger hunt tick sheets.

To encourage letter and number recognition, we have our washing line hung daily for children to peg letters and numbers which they can find in the shed and around the garden.

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