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Pinxton Nursery School and Pinxton 0-5  Nursery School




Pinxton Nursery School Maintained – was inspected 9-10 May 2017

The school received an overall effectiveness of Good with Outstanding for Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare.


What OFSTED said about the Maintained Nursery School

  • The school had effective leadership from the head teacher, who was continuing to improve the school
  • The quality of teaching is never less than ‘good’. The learning is planned consistently well and meets the different needs of the children
  • Staff are extremely dedicated and hard working. They care for children in an exceptional way, so that children feel very safe and secure.
  • The learning environment, and the school’s curriculum, is rich and exciting. As a result children are eager to come to school and earn new things
  • Skillful modelling of language by staff helps children to catch up and develop their communication skills
  • Children of all ability groups, including disadvantaged pupils make good progress from their starting points, which are below those found typically among children of the same age
  • Staff are excellent role model. As a result children behaviour is exemplary. Children are kind, thoughtful and polite and they display a maturity beyond their young age
  • Parents are very positive about the school. Parent view confirmed that the school is well led and managed


  • Improve leadership and management by ensuring that leaders: - provide members of the governing body with precise information about the achievement of different groups of children so that governors can hold leaders fully to account for the progress that children make.
  • Include in the school development plan clear statements of when actions will take place and exactly how the success of each action will be managed.
  • Improve the quality of teaching and learning by ensuring that all staff consistently use every possible opportunity to promote children’s skills in literacy and numeracy.



To read our full OFSTED report please click on the following link:




Pinxton 0-5 Nursery School CIC – was inspected on 17th August 2017

The quality and standards of the early year’s provision is an overall Good in all areas.


What OFSTED said about the childcare CIC Nursery

  • The nursery provides children with a healthy range of snacks and meals.
  • Children behave well. Staff give them lots of praise and encouragement helping to raise their self-esteem and confidence.
  • Staff provide children with a good range of resources and equipment that helps to keep children motivated to learn. Children make good progress from their starting points.
  • The management team observes staff teaching and supports them through meetings, working with them to identify professional development opportunities to maintain good quality teaching.
  • Parents comment positively about the nursery. Staff share information with them about children’s care and learning through for example, book and daily verbal feedback


  • The management team need to ensure all groups progress are identified and ensure that all groups are being supported effectively to make the best possible progress.
  • Staff do not share enough information about children learning with other early years settings they attend.
  • Staff do not provide enough opportunities for children to learn about their local community and people who help us.


To read our full OFSTED report please click on the following link:


Parent View


Parents/ Carers of children in the Maintained Nursery are invited to share their views of the Nursery on the OFSTED Parent View site. If you would like to do this please follow the link:


Maintained Nursery Parent View 


You can also see what other parents have responded. 

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