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Online Safety

Technology is a fantastic thing and access to information as well as resources and games on the internet is something that we can use to our advantage, to support learning. However it does not come without its difficulties as technology is evolving all the time and in turn, the dangers are also evolving. It is therefore vitally important to make sure that when our children access things online, we do everything we need to keep them safe.


At Nursery, online safety is covered across different areas of the EYFS curriculum. We use stories and songs, as well as everyday conversations to support the children’s understanding of how to enjoy their right to access information to support their learning but also how to keep safe online which is vital, even at this very early age.


We ensure that we do not underestimate the power of technology and also the difficulties that come with it just because of the age of our children in our school. We make it our business to support the whole school community as we prepare our children to become excellent digital citizens of the future. We are not afraid of advancing technologies and embrace them with confidence and security in the knowledge that we model the use of them safely and responsibly.



Resources used to promote Online Safety with our children and their families 

  • Smartie the Penguin – a story about making decisions when using the internet
  • Webster the Spider – a range of stories highlighting different aspects of online safety
  • An online safety song (Think before you click and tell a grown up)
  • Discussions about permission to access and look at their photos when using Tapestry with the children.
  • Celebrating internet safety each year on Internet Safety Day
  • Videos and information for the Think You Know and National Online Safety websites to support understanding
  • Sharing posts from National Online Safety with relevant content about keeping safe online



Keeping safe is interwoven throughout our curriculum, and we discuss keeping safe in a variety of ways, both virtually and in real life. Children are encouraged to think about who are safe people to talk to, and are encouraged to talk to a grown up if they feel worried. We discuss finding information and different ways that we can do this. 


To find information on our safeguarding policies please click here

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