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We have chosen to use Makaton in Nursery to enable all of our children to communicate effectively with others. 



We are introducing signs through our focussed teaching sessions which relate to our story that we are reading. We also have some common signs around the Nursery to encourage staff and children to use them. 



We have only recently begun using the Makaton signs and symbols, but already they have made an impact. The children enjoy using the signs, and some of the children who are reluctant to speak use them now within nursery. 


Here's what our children have to say: 


"I like learning the animal signs"


"It's good cos we do it all the time"


What is Makaton?

Makaton describes itself as ‘A language program that gives everyone a helping hand to talk’ (

Communication is one of the most important life skills as so many things that we do on a day to day basis involve the need to communicate. Both at home and at nursery completing simple tasks such as labelling things, asking for help and making choices, making friends, sharing thoughts and emotions and sorting out our problems, all rely on being able to communicate with each other.


Why do we use it?

At nursery we use Makaton as part of our everyday practice with all children, using both signs and symbols to help children and adults to communicate. It supports spoken language and the signs and symbols are used along with speech.


At nursery we recognise that it supports everyone to communicate, not only those who have delayed speech or challenges with communicating. It is also key to supporting all of our children’s communication with adults and each other, regardless of ability, language or individual need. In this way it not only reinforces key language and concepts at every level, but also ensures that every child has a ‘voice,’ a means of communicating their needs, wants, ideas and opinions as is their right. By using Makaton as part of our daily practice, we ensure that every child’s voice in heard and valued, nurturing their independence and self-esteem and supporting them on their path of life-long learning.


"Inclusive principles for practice are relevant for all contexts and settings and place a focus on what features and practices enable children to feel and be included, rather than where this takes place."

(Birth to 5 Matters, 2021)


We have only recently begun our Makaton journey, but already we have noticed the children beginning to use some of the signs. You can find out more about Makaton here

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