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Physical Development

Physical Development is one of the three Prime Areas for a child's development. We aim to help our children succeed in moving and handling by giving opportunity to:

  • explore different tools and mark-making materials
  • explore various climbing and balancing apparatus
  • use different small apparatus, such as balls, bats, beanbags
  • explore the bikes and scooters
  • develop running and moving skills in the garden
  • provide plenty of fine motor activities



Physical Development also covers Health and Self-Care. Our children are taught how to care for themselves and keep themselves safe by:

  • exploring role play activities, such as doll play
  • having opportunities to explore teeth and toothbrushes
  • exploring soap and cleaning materials
  • being taught about the importance of hand washing and healthy eating
  • being encouraged to try new foods
  • being encouraged to take risks, and learning about keeping themselves and others safe
  • learning to use the toilet
  • being able to get themselves dressed/ undressed