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Tales Toolkit

In the Maintained Nursery we have begun a project to help us to support your child’s Communication and Language skills and also their storytelling skills. This is called Tales Toolkit.


Tales Toolkit focusses on four key areas for storytelling:

  1. Character – who the story is about?
  2. Setting – where the story will happen?
  3. Problem – what problems will the characters face?
  4. Solution – how will they solve the problem to get to the happy ending?


We use 4 different objects – one for each of the areas – and use these objects to tell a story. The children have all enjoyed their special storytelling times and are all very eager to help with the story telling. The children love our Tales Toolkit Sessions when they get to become authors for the day. We have found that it is really improving the children's vocabulary and storytelling skills. 


How you can help at home:

When looking at a book, or even watching a favourite television programme, use the Tales Toolkit Language including problem and solution, and encourage your child to talk about the story.


Here’s what Tales Toolkit say…

Tales Toolkit is a learning tool that effectively develops children skills in lots of areas of learning and including language, literacy, social skills, creativity, confidence, empathy, writing, problem solving, maths and lots more


  • It is fun and engaging for both children and staff
  • Children working at different levels and with different needs are all involved and learning
  • Children lead the stories. They use props linked to the community and their interests to help them with their story telling
  • Lessons are easy, simple to follow and lead to consistency in staff practice
  • Tales Toolkit resources are used across many settings as an effective assessment tool


For more information about Tales Toolkit and suggestions about how to support your child at home click on the link below.



Tales ToolKit Website

Some of our Tales Toolkit Stories and Props